As a Private Investigator we are proud to have the Sarasota/Bradenton area’s best attorneys and corporate leaders as our clients. N.L. Smith is highly respected for offering professional legal investigative and paralegal services. We’ve devoted ourselves to helping lawyers win favorable outcomes for their clients.

Criminal Defense Cases and Death Penalty Mitigation

Nancy Smith is regarded as one of the most experienced criminal defense investigators within the 12th Judicial Circuit. Nine years were spent at the Office of the Public Defender, assisting the Capital Division on murder cases as both a paralegal and an investigator. She holds an approved contract as a vendor with the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) for indigent cases. This means JAC is directly invoiced for the services we provide to indigent clients.

From misdemeanors to capital death penalty cases, NL Smith’s legal services are highly sought after by area criminal defense lawyers.

Injury Cases

Don’t lose contact with crucial witnesses! We are experts at locating people and their assets. We interview witnesses, get their statement recorded and obtain photographs of the scene to lock down the key evidence needed to settle your cases.

Injury cases can get dragged out for years. Our investigations have been essential in obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts on behalf of injury victims.

Alimony and Child Custody Cases

Our investigations have been instrumental in determining custody issues in local Courts of law, as well as determining living arrangements pertaining to alimony issues. Many area lawyers and their clients have been relieved NL Smith was on their team when presenting the facts before the Court.

Corporate and Workplace Investigations

NL Smith conducts Employment Application verification and background checks/screening. Check out potential hires before turning over the keys to your business! We also conduct investigations into workplace claims of bullying or discrimination, as well as employee theft and “Secret Shopper” investigations.

Records Retrieval/Paralegal Services

NL Smith has the experience and expertise locating and organizing huge volumes of records in complicated litigation matters. Remember, all that information won’t help a bit if you can’t access it when you need it.

In litigation, it is believed the most prepared side usually wins.


NL Smith routinely conducts investigations for individuals relating to personal and family matters with compassion and complete confidentiality. This includes suspicions of a cheating spouse, premarital background checks, verifications of internet daters and location of lost loves, parents, children and friends.

Special rates are offered for “dead beat” parent tracking in child support cases.

Infidelity Investigations

When is it time to hire someone to investigate your spouse? If you’re at the point of looking up investigators on the internet, you must have a pretty good idea that your significant other is up to something. It’s that “need to know” that fuels this type of investigation.

Call and speak with a licensed private investigator. The consultation is free and we can help with some ideas that you can do on your own to get more information. What you should NOT do is make unsupported accusations and ask too many questions. This only serves to tip off the cheating spouse which makes it much harder for you to learn the truth.

If you still have more questions than answers, you may determine it is time to hire NL Smith to conduct surveillance on their activities. We can custom tailor our investigations to help you get the answers you need.

What you do with this information is up to you, but we believe knowledge is power. It’s always a good idea to know who you can trust!

Our investigations are professional and completely confidential.

Social Networking and Internet Dating

Is this person who they claim to be? Is it even a real person? Are they married?

Many couples meet online and matchmaking sites remain a great source for finding companionship. Just be sure to ask a lot of questions about things you can verify, and then check things out along the way. The best scammers look fabulous on paper, have the best stories (usually involving them being out of town), and totally wow you with their first impressions.

Internet dating has moved into the mainstream, and therefore, so have the scammers, cheaters and players who are posting their lies right along with the millions of legitimate people looking for love.

Common sense is a MUST. Don’t put your heart, your finances and even your personal safety at risk. Any legitimate person will give you enough verifiable information to check out their credibility. If they won’t, they are hiding something, plain and simple.

Don’t be a victim. It’s always frustrating when we get calls after the fact, and usually, the red flags are there, yet were ignored until it was too late. The time to check things out is before you bring someone home to meet the family, loan them the money, or turn over the keys to your car, home or heart.